End of the Road

Okay I am writing this from Brazil a month after I arrived in Brazil and the tournament has just finished.¬†Yea I know, I have been sedulously attending to this blog leaving you wondering how I have managed time for anything … read more

Change of Scenery

So I have unintentionally let another month pass since I last updated my whereabouts, currently I am in Granada, Nicaragua. When crossing the final Mexican state before Guatemala, Chiapas, I elected the expedited, immoderately dry coastal route and certain humidity. … read more


So a back injury persuaded me to take vacation from traveling, which was split between Oaxaca de Juarez and Puerto Escondido. Whilst in Oaxaca I encountered a large group of Mexican students on spring break and decided to join them … read more


I initially tried to write this post twice in different cities but I had to vacate the internet cafe both times for a 3 hour break the proprietor was taking in the middle of the day. Loading lots of pictures … read more

Valle de Los Cirios

This next post covers roughly 500 miles. After spending the day in El Rosario watching the Super Bowl with Duffy,(below with his dog Toby) an expat who flagged me down and offered up his backyard for the night, before I … read more

Moving into the desert

I decided to stay at a hostel in Ensenada partially because I wanted a change of atmosphere and partially because I did not know I would be in Ensenada until the middle of that afternoon. This is the first time … read more

What would Jesus do?

After walking my bike accross the border I followed the signs for Rosarito and quickly discovered I was wrong about how hectic traffic can be in Tijuana. It was constant but nothing extraordinary. Within a mile of entering Mexico you … read more

Crossing the border

After spending the last week exploring San Diego while waiting for a collapsible tire to arrive I am finally headed across the border tomorrow to continue journeying southward. All I really have to go on are drastically varying accounts collected … read more

Holed up in Redlands

So far rolling through California’s divergent landscapes has been a blast. In a single morning you wake up at the coast cruise through redwoods while climbing a mountain range before descending into wine country, all before lunch. I began my … read more